Be Amazed by the Toronto Caribana Carnival

Caribana is the oldest and grandest cultural festival in Canada and across North America. And it was a larger-than-life affair this year!

The Caribana carnival returns to the 'City of Queens' after a two-year lull; this time, the event was set to be on an even bigger scale. The much-awaited festival promises a concoction of cultural, nightlife, and entertainment events that is set to engulf the city for multiple weeks.

As Torontonians, we love the party crowd that flocks to our vibrant city to experience the carnival in its true spirit. The annual Toronto Caribana event at Barcode Saturdays is due on July 30, 2022. You can join us for the night by signing up on the guest list or reserving your own VIP bottle booth for a personalized touch to the night.

Events at the Toronto Caribana Carnival

Caribana is well-known for its festivities, exhibits, and fashion shows. Some of the highlight events during the carnival include:

⦁ The Grand Parade

The carnival culminates into the street parade of steelpan and soca bands which is known as the Grand Parade. It consists of costume dancers who groove to Caribbean music that is played on speakers on an 18-wheel truck. Each band plays an artistic theme with costumes.

⦁ King and Queen Showcase

On the night before the Grand Parade, the band's leaders have a costume dress competition with a King and Queen announced winners.

⦁ J'ouvert

The J'ouvert event is a mini parade that mostly includes steelpan artists along with people with improvised musical instruments.

⦁ Carnival Ball

The carnival ball is an elegant evening of Caribbean music and art.