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Periodic training programs for teachers are regular training programs conducted by the school for the overall development of teachers and to improve the quality of education. They are often conducted inside educational institutes on behalf of a reputed training agency. 

Such training programs are systematic approaches to the professional development of a teacher, and they involve regularly scheduled training sessions or workshops aimed at enhancing a teacher’s knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Periodic training has great importance in the educational sector. It helps the instructors to grow professionally, and personally, along with getting updated with the system. So, it is essential to conduct such training programs regularly and effectively for increasing the efficiency and productivity of tutors.

What are the training programs for teachers?

In India, periodic teacher training programs have gained a considerable reputation in recent years, with school management recognizing the importance of investing in such professional development programs.

Here is a list of some popular periodic training programs launched by the Indian government  to improve the quality of education and to focus on continuous learning improvement:



NISHTHA (National Initiative for School Heads and Teachers Holistic Advancement) is a teacher training program launched by the ‘Department of School Education and Literacy’ (working under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, under the Indian government), in 2019. The program aims to improve the quality of education in India through Integrated Teacher Training.

The training program focuses on improving the competencies of school teachers and principals. This massive training program motivates teachers to foster critical thinking in students.

The results envisioned by NISHTHA include:

» Enhancing the quality of classroom training in schools

» Providing opportunities for teachers to develop new skills and knowledge

» Improving the overall learning outcomes of students

» Empowering teachers to become mentors and facilitators of learning

» Creation of a safe school environment

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