Get a free demo of our bc. game clone script

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Plurance's clone script allows you to launch a lucrative crypto casino platform like in no time. Get a live free demo of our clone script by contacting us.

As the online crypto casino industry market is thriving, which shows the uptrend graph and the profit involved is enormous, many aspiring cryptopreneurs are showing interest in owning an online crypto casino platform in their name to well-utilize this current situation to generate more revenues for their side.


To fulfill their aspects in all terms, bc. game clone script comes into play. Let’s briefly discuss it and the live demo of bc. game clone we offer!!


Overview of clone script: clone script is a market-ready software solution that reflects all the features and functionalities of the famous crypto casino platform bc. game. It comprises multiple games in different categories, ranging from casino and crash betting to racing games supported by cryptocurrencies.

The benefit of going with bc. game clone already carries the successful mammoth name. It gives your platform reliability and trust. The second thing is the elimination of development time, which, in turn, leads to the availability of our clone script available at an affordable cost.

Types of free demos we offer:

The live demo offers a sumptuous option for our clients to explore before they purchase their bc. game clone software. It gives satisfaction and can clear their doubts, if any. It helps the clients give our developers clear customization options without any confusion to avail the best and desired whitelabel bc. game clone software. Moreover, it empowers the investors to gain knowledge about their gaming platform.


We provide various types of free demos of our clone script. They are listed below:

Basic User demo:

The basic demo allows the users to explore the basic functionalities of the platform and its working structure. It gives a basic overview of the gaming platform. This demo includes the process of creating an account, selecting games, and making payments. 

Gameplay demo:

Gameplay demo allows interested users to experience gameplay by letting them play games. It gives insights into gameplay and understands how it works by playing various games on the platform.

Admin panel demo:

The admin panel demo mainly helps investors/entrepreneurs navigate the admin dashboard from their side. This demo gives the total perspective of how to manage and control the platform and handle the tools that are very useful for them, as they hold the sole responsibility of the platform. 

Customization demo:

Entrepreneurs might ask to customize the platform as they want to put their input into it. This customization demo allows the clients to personalize the platform, such as theme customization, adding attributes to the games, and so on. It proves the amount of adaptability and flexibility that can be done in our clone script.

Multiplayer demo:

Multiplayer demo provides the option to play games with the other users virtually. It delivers a whole new gameplay experience by interacting and competing with other players. 

Mobile demo:

As our clone script is also compatible with mobile, we will provide a mobile demo for it. This demo gives exposure of our platform to the user in mobile mode. Users can see the performance of the game on their mobile and check the responsiveness and all other aspects of this demo.


As we are nearing the conclusion of the above things, it is a smart approach for budding entrepreneurs to launch their crypto casino gaming platform with the bc. game clone script. Plurance provides the steadfast bc. game clone script to achieve success in the crypto casino industry.

Why wait any further? Reach us soon and avail our above-said free live demo of our clone script that brings trust in us and purchase it for your unwavering victory!!


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