Diablo 2: Strafe Amazon Build Guide

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Cutting down countless demons...bringing death from afar...the minigun of Sanctuary...announcing...the Strafe Amazon!

Cutting down countless demons...bringing death from afar...the minigun of Sanctuary...announcing...the Strafe Amazon! Firing several arrows within the blink of an eye, this Amazon guns down dense monster packs effortlessly. Al Capone only wishes he'd have this kind of firepower! Easy to play, the Strafe Amazon primarily uses Strafe to get rid of enemies by having an outpouring of Physical Damage. Strong in River of Flame, Chaos Sanctuary, Worldstone Keep, and The Pit, this build dominates Farming Spots rich in monster density and narrower corridors.

Powerful Bows and Crossbows for example Faith, Windforce, Mist, and Buriza-Do Kyanon get the job done. The Fanaticism, Might, and Concentration Aura trifecta takes this build one stage further. With Atma's Scarab providing a reasonably reliable supply of Amplify Damage, the Strafe Amazon may even destroy monsters inside a High Player Count game (/7-8Players on Single Player). The combination of Bone Break and Atma's Scarab makes short work of Immune to Physical mobs too. In Patch 2.6 you can dumpster absolutely everything with support from an Enchant Sorceress! At her full potential, this lady is straight gangsta!

Sunder Charms. Any enemy that might be Immune to your damage type is instead reduced to 95% Resistance before every other Resistance reductions apply. The Charm also reduces YOUR Resistance against the sundered damage type! Check out our post on Sunder Charms to explore these new Charms. The following setup uses Bone Break, letting you farm anywhere you would like.

Gear Changes

To optimize this Sunder Charm you'll need as much -% Enemy Physical Resistance as you possibly can. Equip Atma's Scarab because of its Amplify Damage proc to do this. Alternatively, you can use a Mercenary with Lawbringers or The Reaper's Toll for his or her Decrepify procs.

D2R Ladder Items

Counteract the negative effect of Bone Break with % Damage Reduction items for example Crown of Ages, Vampire Gaze, and Verdungo's Hearty Cord.

The new Terror Zone mechanic coupled with Sunder Charms opens a wide range of farmable areas. The following list highlights the very best and worst Terror Zones with this build. With the Sunder Charm Setup, more Terror Zones become accessible. Learn more about Terror Zones here and find out how they compare in our Terror Zone Tier List.


Travincal - Bosses, Quick Access, Breakable Immunities, Council Members

Chaos Sanctuary - Boss, Many Elites, Breakable Immunities

Underground Passage + Dark Wood - Many Elites, Quick Access, Easy Mobility, No Immunities

Pit - High Density, Many Elite Groups, Easy Mobility, No Immunities

Flayer Jungle ONLY - High Density, Quick Access, No Immunities


Arcane Sanctuary - Trash Mobility, Immunities

Blood Moor + Den of Evil - Low Density, Few Elite Groups

Burial Grounds + Crypt + Mausoleum - Low Density, Trash Mobility, Slow Access

Ancients' Way + Icy Cellar - High Elemental Damage, Immunities

Crystalline Passage + Frozen River - High Physical Damage, High Elemental Damage, Immunities

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