Top 3 Best Features of Tactical Pens

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There are a few items of gear that law enforcement officers must carry daily.

Tactical pens are one of them. You might be surprised, but a tactical pen does more than make writing enjoyable. It is a "all in one" tool that can function as a knife, multitool, light, and more. Here are some of the characteristics that rank a tactical pen among the most crucial items for law enforcement personnel.

LED Lighting

Despite being a basic feature, it can be useful at times. It eliminates the need to carry a second item and offers a readily available light source. One special benefit is that you do not need to carry a bag full of EDC items thanks to the built-in flashlight.

Knife-equipped Tactical Pens

Many tactical pens have blades that can cut through things like rope and tape. Some can be used as defense mechanisms. Additionally, they come with blades that can be quickly replaced and resemble Exacto knives.

Glass Breaking

Being able to easily break through glass can be useful because some tactical pens are made of high-grade materials like tungsten carbide or aircraft-grade aluminum. These pens are reliable and do their jobs well, whether you need to reach someone behind glass or are trapped. A strong and resilient pen can also be used as a defensive weapon.

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