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How to use Artificial intelligence (AI) on Post A2Z Social Media Platform?

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We will add and fix following features and bugs on @PostA2Z next update, CEO Trilok Singh.
[Added] new emojis to messages and posts.
[Added] drag and drop to upload stories page.
[Added] unseen effect to stories.
[Added] new video player.
[Added] video player for movies.
[Added] drag and drop to create an album page.
[Added] audio player on chat when sending a recording file.
[Added] new dropdown menu on header, post and profile.
[Added] new upgrade to pro system. Now users can upgrade to another pro package using the same go pro page instead of using settings page.
[Added] new cron-job.php file, (should be added).
[Added] ISO system for langs.
[Added] Href SEO meta tags.
[Added] BACKBLAZE stroage.
[Added] the ability to upload files from server directly to third party stroages like S3.
[Added] custom endpoint for each storage (CDN support).
[Added] new reaction icons.
[Added] stories unseen border colored animation (profile page).
[Added] 10+ more regions to Wasabi, Ocean and Amazon.
[Added] the ability to choose who can use the affiliate system.
[Added] the ability to edit forum sections and forum names.
[Added] the ability to set custom minimum withdrawal amount.
[Added] "Add Photo" button to post publisher box after choosing an image.
[Added] Google Translate API for posts.
[Added] "Email Deliverability" system to debug and check the log of SMTP settings.
[Added] Hindi, Urdu, Chine, Indonesian, Croatian, Hebrew, Bengali, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Persian, Swedish, Vietnamese, Danish, and Filipino languages.
[Improved] design / colors in default theme for few sections.
[Improved] code security.
[Updated] loading icon for notification dropdown.
[Updated] design of user list in right sidebar in user profile page .
[Updated] movies watch page design.
[Updated] funding page design.
[Updated] date selector for events, profile and other sections.
[Updated] user settings page.
[Updated] keyboard shortcuts model design.
[Updated] header icons.
[Updated] "Profile Completion" design.
[Updated] page design.
[Updated] start-up page.
[Updated] chat tab design.
[Updated] wallet page design.
[Updated] design in few section in sunshine theme.
[Fixed] reply to messages on sunshine theme (nodejs).
[Fixed] video / audio call dialog not closing if there are multiple tabs.
[Fixed] "mark all messages" as read button was hanging.
[Fixed] stickers not working on nodejs.
[Fixed] FTP storage was not working on nodejs.
[Fixed] SEO links on movies, added movie title to movie link instead of using only /ID
[Fixed] showing dollar sign on points page even if you have a different currency.
[Fixed] clicking on "Advanced Search" was redirecting to 404 page.
[Fixed] create blog link could be accessed even if the permission is not allowed.
[Fixed] points were not added if the blog approval system was enabled.
[Fixed] blog is not deleted if you delete the blog post.
[Fixed] Agora live streaming.
[Fixed] Wallet + Balance were showing on "My Earnings" page.
[Fixed] group chat notifications (nodejs).
[Fixed] br tags showing on post title.
[Fixed] video files are not deleting from the server (FFmpeg)
[Fixed] promoted pages/posts were not reset after the pro membership is ended.
[Fixed] 3 nodejs warning messages.
[Fixed] comment is not working when using the french language.
[Fixed] the ability to upload multiple images on the product.
[Fixed] wasabi not working on default east region.
[Fixed] UTF-8 characters not working on games.
[Fixed] "Max Upload Size" not updating from admin panel.
[Fixed] user can upload audio files even if the audio upload is not allowed for the user group.
[Fixed] weather not showing on the sunshine theme.
[Fixed] audio recording upload using nodejs from chat and messages page.
[Fixed] can't post if post approval system enabled from admin panel.
[Fixed] 50+ design and frontend minor bugs.
[Fixed] 10+ more minor bugs.

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Steps to change Cover and Profile Picture on Page via Browser/Chrome. Go to page-Edit-Avatar and Cover-Change Cover and Picture-Save. #posta2z

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Hi there. This is our final warning to Post A2Z users that please don't upload/promote anything unethical here. It is completely against our community guidelines and Post A2Z policy. If you do the same, we will permanently ban you here. Notably, "You must not publish or share any content that promotes Porn, Hate, Racist or any other illegal material". Thank You. #posta2z #PostA2Zsupport


Official account of Post A2Z Support Team