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आज़ादी मुबारक❤️🇮🇳 #15august2023

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The theme of International Youth Day 2023 is "Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World". If we want to have a successful transition to a greener world, we will have to develop green skills in the masses. Green Skills are related to knowledge, abilities and a certain type of attitude which are required for efficient living. #youthlead #internationalyouthday2023 #yd #posta2z

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Happy Birthday Big B Saurabh Singh 😍


Trilok Singh (त्रिलोक सिंह: Born 10 Feb 1994) is an Indian citizen. He is a political analyst and columnist in India. He is the Founder and CEO of Youth Darpan Media,, Post A2Z Social Media Apps/Messenger/Web, Micro BlogIN (Microblogging Platform) and Seva A2Z (Shopping). He is considered India’s youngest CEO by many online observers. Singh, Also managing many digital services like web development, app development and political b****ng, content writing and much more.

Qualifications and Family

He is the son of Nanhe Singh. Pursuing Ph.D. in Journalism and Mass Communication from KR Mangalam University. He completed his masters in political science from Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi. He also completed his masters in journalism and mass communication from Galgotias University including he completed Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication from International School of Media and Entertainment Studies (ISOMES), News 24 Campus (2019-21)