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What is a subordinate clause?

A subordinate clause is a dependent clause, or a clause that cannot stand on its own as a sentence. It can be either a noun clause or an adverbial phrase.
There are two types of clauses: main and subordinate. The difference between the two is that the main clauses can stand alone as a sentence, whereas the subordinate clause cannot.
The subordinate clauses are often found at the beginning of sentences, and they usually function to modify nouns or verbs in the main clause.
An example of a subordinate clause is "when I am done with my homework", which cannot be used as a complete sentence. However, it can be used as a part of a bigger sentence, for example, “When I am done with my homework, I will watch my favourite TV show.” https://www.notesflux.com/2016/10/clauses.html

What are Clauses

What are Clauses

Learn what Clauses are. Types of clauses such as Independent and Subordinate (or Dependent) clause. Examples of how they are used in sentences.