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Non Lubricated Plug Valve Manufacturer in USA
Valvesonly is the foremostNon Lubricated Plug Valve Manufacturer in USA, supplying high quality valves to various industries in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Kenya, Morocco, Algeria and South Africa. A Non lubricated plug valve is a type of flow control valve that uses a cylindrical plug without any lubrication to control the flow of a fluid. This type of plug valve is designed to operate without the use of lubricants, which can be used in applications where lubricants are not allowed or not desirable.
When the valve is opened, the actuator rotates the stem, which in turn rotates the plug. The plug rotates around the stem, aligning with the flow passage and allowing fluid to flow through the valve. As the plug rotates, it moves away from the valve seat, creating an opening for the fluid to pass through. When the valve is closed, the plug is positioned to create a tight seal against the valve seat, preventing any fluid from flowing through the valve.
The degree of opening can be adjusted by varying the position of the stem, which controls the position of the plug and the size of the flow passage. The flow rate can be adjusted by rotating the plug to different positions, which creates a larger or smaller flow passage for the fluid to pass through.
Valvesonly is one of the best Non Lubricated Plug Valve Manufacturer in USAwho provides technical support, consulting services to help clients, customization, and modification services. It ensure that the valves meet with standards and that they are safe and reliable for use in various applications.

Advantages of Non Lubricated Plug valve:
• If there is any repair, it can be done without interrupting the pipeline.
• They are available in large sizes.
• Leak proof.
• Highly corrosive resistant.
Non Lubricated Plug Valves are used in industries like:
• Chemical
• Oil & gas
• Petrochemical
• Food and beverage
• Technical gases
• Energy

Body materials: WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, WC6, SS304, SS316.
Class: 150 to 2500, PN10 – 450.
Size: ½”-24”.
End: Flanged, Socket weld, Butt weld, Screwed.
Operation: Manual, Pneumatic Actuator, and Electric Actuator.

Non-Lubricated Sleeved Plug Valve Manufacturer In USA and Canada

Non-Lubricated Sleeved Plug Valve Manufacturer In USA and Canada

Valvesonly is among the best Non-Lubricated Sleeved Plug Valve Manufacturer In USA, Canada and have been providing quality valves at competitive price.