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Online best sleep products

Find the best sleep products at an affordable price from PowerNap. Napping is a healthy part of our sleep cycle. Within our 24-hour sleep cycle, we enter into two sleep phases – a long phase that occurs during the night and a shorter 30- to 45-minute phase in the afternoon, We become physically sleepy during these two periods, which encourages and promotes sleep. Typically, most people adhere to the nocturnal sleep phase, But for many people, "daytime activities often promote our abuse of the afternoon sleep period." Instead of just pushing through with the aid of caffeine or sugar, which can lead to dependence and perpetuate sleep disruptions, "It's healthier to step back from our tempting daytime activities and succumb to our natural, afternoon sleep period. We should take an afternoon nap, as do many cultures, but Americans tend to push through the shorter, afternoon sleep period in favor of continuing their daytime activities."
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