7 Small but Important Things to Observe in Blue World City Islamabad

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Blue world City Islamabad is the most promising real estate project in both Rawalpindi and Islamabad. There are a lot of fascinating things to offer to investors and residents there.

If you are purchasing land there or anywhere else, there are few things to notice besides major aspects of the society. In this article, We compiled details about the Blue World City Islamabad, and 7 small but important things you should observe before purchasing land there.

Blue World City Islamabad Developers

BWC is the signature project of Blue Group of Companies. To bring this project to life, they collaborated with China’s one of the biggest real estate and infrastructure developers Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. This company has very successful and state of art national and international projects on its portfolio.

Being the very first Sino-Pak collaboration between very prominent real estate groups of the respective countries, a lot was expected from this project. And now, the developments on the ground are indicating that investors are going to get a lot more than what they expected.

Blue World City Location Map

The worth of a housing society or any sort of real estate project is all about its location. A property can be very established with universal level amenities but if it is located at a bad location i.e. it isn’t easily accessible, the main city is far away from it et cetera, it won’t appeal to any investors hence would be worth pennies.

In terms of location, Blue world City Islamabad is priceless. It is located at the prime spot of the city at the main Chakri Road near Chakri Interchange with direct access from M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.

It is easily accessible from both Rawalpindi and Islamabad but is a little away from the areas with hustle and bustle. Residents will enjoy a serene and peaceful lifestyle but won’t be far away from the prime spots of the twin cities.

Blue World City NOC

It's been years that Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) granted Blue World City NOC Status against the Vide Letter no. 532/10/DC.

As a real estate agency, we strongly recommend you check the status of the property in terms of its NOC and legal status. In the case of BWC, you can confirm their legal status from the official website of RDA. Whenever there is an extension, BWC applies for NOC for that so there are chances that its name may appear under the category of ‘under process.

Highlights of Amenities in BWC

BWC aims to develop a society where people can have a premium lifestyle. The developers have credit to bring many amenities which do not exist even in the highly developed societies of Pakistan. Moreover, this society was launched with the intention of catering to the needs of international investors and overseas Pakistanis as well, so the standard of amenities is also as per internationally recognized standards.

Here are some of the amenities residents will enjoy:

       Infrastructure developments and planning with help of world-recognized architects and consultants.

       Abundance and 24/7 availability of all basic utilities including water, gas, and electricity

       Wide carpeted roads

       Efficient waste disposal system

       Under-ground drainage system

       Areas dedicated to lush-green parks and greenery

       A secure society with fenced borders, identified gate entry system, e-tags, CCTV cameras everywhere, security personals patrols, and other smart approaches

       Country’s largest themed waterpark

       Mass transportation system

       Hospitals, medical centers, and pharmacies

       Educational institutes

       Business hubs and commercial zones

       Shopping malls with franchises of all major national and international brands


       Jogging tracks

       Overseas Lagoon Club

       Community centers and spa clubs

       Replica of Blue Mosque of Turkey and Jamia mosques

       I-max cinema and entertainment centers

7 things you should observe before purchasing land in BWC

1. Blue world City Islamabad Noc details

As previously mentioned, NOC is the most important thing about any real estate project. BWC is approved by RDA and has all other permissions i.e. from the gas department, environment department et cetera, but it is always good to check details yourself. Simply open the RDA website and confirm the status of society.

2. BWC installment plans

To make sure that every segment of society can benefit from this opportunity, it offers very good installment plans. You can check it yourself, or if you are booking your plots in Blue World City Islamabad via a real estate agency, ask your dealer to guide you further about installment plans so you can find the best option as per your budget.

3. Returns in long term

Prices in Blue World City Islamabad are continuously on the rise. The Higher the prices go, the more returns on investment investors would get. In this regard, this society is the best option as because of high demand in the market, more and more people are investing. The prices of the plots here are on a rising trajectory.

4. Master Plan of the society

Going through the master plan will help you understand multiple dimensions of the project.

5. Properties available in BWC

BWC is offering a very wide variety of options. Go through all of them before buying one so you can find the most suitable option for you.

6. Nearby places

Many promising and developed societies are located in the neighborhood of Blue World City Islamabad including Al-Haram City, DHA, University Town, Mumtaz City, and Smart Argo Farm. Islamabad International Airport is also just a few minutes away from the project. 

7. Access points

Mainly this project is accessible through the Chakri interchange towards Chakri road via Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2 to Chakri Road. Moreover, once the proposed Ring Road is completed, it will grant easy access to Rawalpindi to the residents of BWC Islamabad.