First advantage fadv background check fix errors

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Nowadays, First Advantage, one of the most popular background screening companies, makes a lot of mistakes in their reports. Due to them, many people lose their properties, jobs, and even their peace of mind. Let’s find out which might cause such mistakes and their effects on individuals

A small mistake in a First Advantage report might totally ruin your life. Your application for a rental property might be denied or you might not get the position you want. These mistakes can be extremely upsetting and emotionally draining.

Frequent mistakes made by First Advantage
The reports might contain out of date or misleading criminal histories, leading to job and housing denials
They might erroneously mix one individual’s report with another, in case of similar names or SSN
Simple data entry errors, such as typographical errors or incorrect dates, can also have a significant impact. 

Effects of errors made by First Advantage
People's lives might be affected by errors in First Advantage background reports. These errors can result in the following:
Denied employment
Housing Refusals
Reputational damage

You have the legal right to contest the information in your First Advantage background check if you think it might be inaccurate. The procedure to dispute incorrect background check data is outlined in the FCRA. You should get a copy of your background check, find the errors, file a dispute letter and follow up.

If the background screening company can not correct the mistake after you sent a dispute letter, you should seek legal advice, because you might be eligible for a lawsuit.
A lawyer might evaluate your case, explain your legal rights and assist you in taking legal action if needed.

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