Brocade XBR-000212 Transceiver Module

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In the ever-expanding landscape of high-speed networking, the Brocade XBR-000212 SFP+ transceiver module stands as a technological marvel, designed to push the boundaries of connectivity.


In the ever-expanding landscape of high-speed networking, the Brocade XBR-000212 SFP+ transceiver module stands as a technological marvel, designed to push the boundaries of connectivity. Boasting an impressive 32Gbps speed, 32GFC-SWL capabilities, and tailored for Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF) networks, this module features an 850nm wavelength and a duplex LC connector for efficient and reliable high-performance connectivity. Let's explore the key features that make the XBR-000212 an essential component for optimizing networking infrastructure.

1.Dominant 32Gbps Speed:

The XBR-000212 SFP+ transceiver module delivers unparalleled speed with its 32Gbps capabilities. This high-speed performance is ideal for data-intensive applications, such as high-performance computing, large-scale data storage, and high-speed data transfers between network devices.

2. 32GFC-SWL for Cutting-Edge Fibre Channel Connectivity:

Designed for 32GFC-SWL (Short Wave Length) Fibre Channel connectivity, the XBR-000212 is at the forefront of cutting-edge networking technology. This capability is crucial for organizations requiring fast and reliable data transfer over short distances within data centers or storage area networks (SANs).

3. Multi-Mode Fiber Compatibility:

 Tailored for Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF) networks, the XBR-000212 excels in providing efficient connectivity over short to moderate distances. MMF is well-suited for high-speed applications within confined spaces, making it an optimal choice for data center environments.

4. 850nm Wavelength for Optimal MMF Performance:

Operating at an 850nm wavelength, the XBR-000212 aligns with the characteristics of MMF, ensuring optimal signal transmission over the fiber medium. This specific wavelength is well-matched with MMF, contributing to the module's efficiency in short-distance, high-speed data transmission.

5. Duplex LC Connector for Reliable Connectivity:

Equipped with a duplex LC connector, the XBR-000212 ensures reliable and efficient connectivity. The LC connector is widely recognized for its compact size and dependable performance, facilitating seamless integration into networking environments.

6. Extended Reach of 100 Meters:

With an extended reach of 100 meters, the XBR-000212 caters to scenarios where short to moderate distance connectivity is required. This reach is particularly advantageous in data center environments, facilitating flexible network configurations and device placements.

7. Hot-Swappable Design for Maintenance Ease:

The hot-swappable design of the XBR-000212 adds to its user-friendly nature. This feature allows for the replacement or installation of the transceiver module without the need to power down the entire system, contributing to overall system efficiency and reducing potential downtime during maintenance.

8. Plug-and-Play Integration:

The plug-and-play nature of the XBR-000212 simplifies the integration process. Users can seamlessly install the transceiver module into compatible SFP+ ports, enabling quick setup and reducing the complexity of network configurations.

In Conclusion

The Brocade XBR-000212 SFP+ transceiver module stands as a pinnacle of innovation in high-speed networking. With its dominant 32Gbps speed, 32GFC-SWL capabilities, compatibility with Multi-Mode Fiber, 850nm wavelength for optimal MMF performance, duplex LC connector for reliable connectivity, extended reach of 100 meters, hot-swappable design, and plug-and-play integration, this module offers a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking to optimize their network infrastructure with efficient and high-performance connectivity. Brocade continues to lead the industry by providing state-of-the-art solutions that empower businesses with the tools they need for seamless and resilient networking.