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A Bi-weekly timesheet is a method for tracking and recording the hours that an employee works in a pay period.

Bi-weekly timesheet is a method for tracking and recording the hours that an employee works in a pay period. Bi-weekly, also called "every two weeks", means that there are usually two periods of time between payrolls. Bi-Weekly Timesheets work well for employees who get paid twice per month or 24 times per year. These types of employees include part-time workers, hourly workers, and commission salespersons. Bi-weekly is a term that may be used interchangeably with semi-monthly. Bi-weekly timesheet calculates the hours worked for one week then converts it into two, equal amounts of time.

The main advantage is that you do not have to calculate the number of workdays since you always know exactly what day of the month your payroll is going out. A bi weekly pay period does not offer any more advantages than a regular monthly pay period other than perhaps some tax benefits related to overtime payments and deductions

A Bi Weekly Timesheet should be detailed enough to show the amount of hours worked by each individual during the week. Each Bi weekly rate sheet will have at least one column identifying each day worked in detail including start time and stop time as well as any breaks taken during the day. Bi weekly pay period providers should also include a column showing the Bi-weekly hours worked as well as any overtime hours. Bi weekly timesheets offer both advantages and disadvantages for those hourly employees who work 24 Bi weekly pay periods every year.

The Bi-weekly timesheet should have a column for each day of the week from Monday to Sunday. Bi-Weekly Timesheets provide information that you need as an employer to accurately pay employees their appropriate wages, as well as report important information to government agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service. 

Most Bi weekly rate sheets will have a total hours column which will total up all of the daily hours worked for a particular employee. The Bi Weekly Timesheet also provides a place where you can list weekend days and indicate whether or not they were paid or unpaid time off, vacation/sick days, etc. 

Employers use Bi weekly timesheets along with payroll software in order to effortlessly process payroll and generate Bi weekly timesheets which can be sent to the employees, as well as any necessary government agencies.

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