Immigration lawyer Christchurch

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Born in Christchurch, New Zealand, Evelyn discovered a passion for immigration law during her studies at the University of Canterbury and began practising in this area shortly after she graduated with a double degree in Law and Psychology.

One thing to remember is that salaries are usually mentioned in gross amounts in NZ. This means that the salaries are mentioned without the tax deduction! So you will have to deduct the taxes to get an idea of how much money you will be left with. To get the best advice, it is advisable to get an Immigration lawyer Christchurch.Try to avoid jumping to conclusions. To get an idea about whether New Zealand is right for you or not, you will need to experience this country first hand yourself! Many people who plan to settle in New Zealand usually visit the country on a short-term basis first. Whether you are a student, worker, or even a tourist, you can apply for a temporary visa to get an idea about New Zealand.

So even if you are planning to stay for more than 3 months, you will most definitely need an NZ visa. For someone new, it can be a bit challenging to understand what type of visa you really need. For example, there is the Partner Visa NZ, Work Visa Christchurch NZ, and so on. In total, around 5 different types of New Zealand visas exist - So you will need to know which visa you need based on your requirements and needs.Depending on your country, you may or not may require a visa before visiting New Zealand. Right now, citizens of around 60 countries are allowed to visit New Zealand without any visa - but there is a requirement that they must not stay for more than 3 months inside the country.