Magic Mushrooms And A Hyper-Connected Brain

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Scientists recently made a major discovery about the brain under the influence of psychedelics.

It is known that psilocybin, the main psychoactive compound in magic mushrooms is the reason we are sent on trips to another world. We also know that somehow this happens through an interaction in the brain. But until recently, the details were unknown and some parts of this interaction were just guesswork. Now, new House of Shrooms research sheds some light on the matter, and magic mushrooms have been found to create a hyper-connected brain.

The Effects of Psilocybin magic mushrooms

If you've never experienced magic mushrooms, the "immediate" effects are best described as an inner journey into the soul and spirit. Although the hallucinations are quite short-lived, the spiritual part of a trip often has a long-lasting, subtle effect. This effect is so pronounced that it has been shown to have very positive results on individuals undergoing various forms of therapy . But why is this? And how does the interaction with the brain take place?

Taking a New Path

Science has long known that psilocybin magic mushrooms affects the brain by binding to serotonin receptors, which in turn affect everything from mood to appetite. But this is only half the story and doesn't really apply to the completely dreamlike, exalted state of being that is often felt.

To address this, researchers used fMRI scans to observe the brains of both regular and tripping participants. They found that a brain subjected to psilocybin magic mushrooms dramatically transformed when it came to organization. Areas of the brain that normally don't communicate created connections over longer distances, synchronizing with each other and sharing information. This resulted in a hyper-connected brain, which has never been seen before.

It is thought that this could be the reason for the pronounced, and often strange, experiences one has with magic mushrooms, enabling the mind to see the world in a new light as information is shared and communicated in new ways. Once the immediate effects of the substance wear off, so do the hyper compounds.

It's no coincidence that artists and visionaries alike take advantage of the creative stimulation activated by psychedelics. Understanding that this effect is produced by increased brain activity will help demonstrate the substances' capabilities in finding solutions to previously insurmountable problems. Psychedelic experiences have been at the heart of great technological discoveries such as DNA, the Internet, and computers, as they opened the mind to possibilities previously unseen.