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During our research, we came across 105 service providers that are presently engaged in providing teleradiology services.

The “Teleradiology  Market, report features an extensive study of the current landscape, offering an informed opinion on the likely adoption of teleradiology solutions in the diagnostic imaging industry, till 2030. The report features an in-depth analysis, highlighting the capabilities of various stakeholders engaged in this domain.


During our research, we came across several partnerships and collaborations that have been inked between various stakeholders engaged in providing teleradiology services. Out of all the partnerships, service alliance has emerged as the most popular (26%) type of partnership signed by players engaged in providing teleradiology services. The industry has also witnessed 6 instances of acquisitions in the given time period. This trend reflects the fact that companies are continuously striving to expand their existing service offerings. It is worth highlighting that stakeholders in this industry are increasingly establishing long term strategic collaborations to better align their service offerings with the current market demand.


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It was observed that majority of the agreements related to teleradiology services were signed between companies located in the same region (39% in North America, 24% in Europe and 9% in Asia-Pacific and RoW). Further, in most (7%) of the intercontinental agreements, the service provider was observed to be based in Europe, while its collaborator was headquartered in North America.


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  • Future scenario score represents the relative positioning of teleradiology service providers based on likely future teleradiology market trends. To calculate the score, we collated information on several relevant parameters, that we believe, are likely to drive future innovations of companies; these include, information on funding, partnerships, and other recent initiatives in teleradiology services market.



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