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NCON Turbo tech is the top-ranked turbine manufacturers in India, this turbine company having such a great experience of 30 years in this field full of competition among emerging companies all over the world.

Market leader for industrial steam turbines:


We provide a broad variety of durable and versatile steam turbines in the power output range of 2 to 250 MW as the market leader for industrial steam turbines. Our industrial steam turbines are built for ease of assembly, quick startup, and low operating costs.


Steam turbine with center steam admission:


The SST-800 is a single casing steam turbine with center steam admission and reverse steam flow inner casing that can be used with a direct linked generator or mechanical drive.


The turbine's highly specialized design ensures great efficiency, quick start-up times, and excellent dependability and availability. It meets all of the requirements for cost-effective installation and operation, as well as maximum flexibility for complicated industrial operations. A dual or perhaps multiple casing solution is also possible.


Both condensing and back-pressure applications are possible with the SST-800 steam turbine. Turbine auxiliary systems are also pre-engineered modules that are available in a variety of sizes.


Dual casing steam turbine for reheat applications:


Because of its set pre-engineered design, the SST-700 / 900 is a standard turbine solution with a short delivery time. Predefined modules provide a speedy ex-works delivery, as well as a short manufacturing period and cost-effective material supply.


A geared high-pressure steam turbine (backpressure) and an intermediate / low-pressure steam turbine (condensing) drive a generator situated in between in the straight flow turbine system with a power output of up to 250 MW.


For combined cycle power plants and concentrated solar power plants, the dual casing reheat turbine arrangement with inner casing is a competitive and efficient product.


Flexible condensing or back-pressure steam turbine:


The SST-600 (with or without gearbox), a generator, lubrication system, piping and instrumentation, and the control system are all included in a basic steam turbine generator set. A condenser, condensing plant, or pre-heating system can be added to the conventional package. With its durable and adaptable design, the SST-600 is available with either axial or radial exhaust.


Double exhaust flow steam turbine:


The SST-500 is a single-casing, double-exhaust-flow steam turbine that can be used as a standalone unit or as the low-pressure module of a multiple-casing turboset, and can be driven directly or geared. With its ability to operate at a wide variety of speeds and powers, this turbine is perfect for big steam volume flows. To equalize thermal loading and blade stress, steam enters the turbine through two tangential inlets.

In the steam inlet pipelines, emergency stop valves and control valves are fitted. The steam enters the inner casing tangentially, then axially to both exhausts. The tailored design of the steam path allows precise adjustment to overcome the last stage blades' physical restrictions. If needed, a double-end drive is available.


Industrial steam turbine:


The SST-400 is a single-casing steam turbine that can drive 50 and 60 Hz generators, compressors, and pumps with geared or direct drive. The SST-400's symmetrical casing with horizontal joint flange allows for quick start-up times and load adjustments.


The modular package design allows for a wide range of combinations to meet the particular needs of customers in the most cost-effective manner. The use of tried-and-true components ensures great reliability and ease of maintenance.


Steam turbine for economical production of heat and power:


The SST-200 is a single casing steam turbine that comes packed and skid-mounted. It's a solution built on years of expertise with both mechanical and generator drives, and it's known for its simplicity of installation, which is aided by the modular package. The flexible, custom-made steam turbine is perfectly suited to the customer's requirements.


The reaction blade technique is used in the NCON Turbines SST-200 industrial steam turbine. The turbine series is built on a modular product philosophy that ensures great performance and dependability. Combining standardized housing modules allows for maximum design flexibility. As a result, the turbine series can achieve great performance while maintaining a low-cost position.




A high level of standardization and lean specifications reduce the time it takes to start up the steam turbine and make maintenance simple. NCON Turbines is able to produce highly reliable products with fast delivery times that are ideal for this market niche due to the combination of these qualities.


When compared to previous turbine designs, the use of cutting-edge blading technology has resulted in efficiency gains of up to 2%.


Due to standardized components, greatest efficiency, and an optimized maintenance approach, the total cost of ownership is optimal.


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