How to Find a Professional to Test for and Remove Asbestos

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Professionals that Asbestos Removal is not nationally qualified nor certified, and municipal laws and ordinances might differ greatly.

When working on your house, asbestos may not immediately come to mind, but it might be hiding beneath the surface. The good news is that as long as you're not touching it, you're usually completely safe. The only time asbestos may be an issue is if it is removed or disturbed. The best course of action when remodeling or repairing a potential asbestos-containing area of your house is to first contact a qualified expert to inspect your property and carefully remove any asbestos.

Finding a Professional to Check for and Remove Asbestos

Professionals that Asbestos Removal is not nationally qualified nor certified, and municipal laws and ordinances might differ greatly. This element is one of the reasons it's crucial to conduct thorough research before choosing and hiring an abatement specialist for your property. One place to start is by getting referrals from friends, neighbors, and coworkers who have just had this work done. Additionally, you may conduct an online search to identify nearby asbestos removal specialists and, if necessary, check for their licensing.

Prior to Engaging an Asbestos Removal Expert

You may compare rival businesses to discover the finest asbestos abatement expert for your house with a little advance planning and study. If you can start by learning about the various forms of asbestos and the building history of your property, as well as any subsequently completed renovation jobs. It's also a good opportunity to brush up on some best practices for dealing with asbestos safely, such as using plastic to seal off affected areas and donning the proper respiratory protection while doing cleanup operations. You may find and employ the most competent professional with the aid of the following recommendations.

For accurate estimates, organize your asbestos testing and removal project

Think about where, if anyplace, asbestos may be present in your home. Describe the intended remodeling or refurbishment project that will include asbestos testing and perhaps removal. Also, take note of if your house was built before the early 1980s and whether it has any of the elements listed below since they can all point to the potential existence of asbestos in your house:

  • Vermiculite as an insulator
  • A corrugated roof
  • The use of cement sheets in your home's walls or other areas
  • Installed vinyl flooring or millboard between 1952 and 1982
  • An antique water tank made of cement


With this background, your asbestos removal specialist can work more effectively to make your property safer. However, you should obtain at least three specific quotations from various providers and speak with each one to ensure that you are aware of what each offer covers (and what it does not).

Verify the credentials and references of your asbestos removal professionals

While there is no federal system of certification or licensing for asbestos removal specialists, your state or municipality may have such criteria. Regardless, you should get a documented list of the provider's testing and abatement experience as well as information about their insurance and bonding status for residential homework. Request two or three recommendations from each physician. Ask these previous customers about their interactions with the professional by giving them a call and speaking with them.

Choosing an Asbestos Removal Expert: Some Tips

You and your family have a right to have faith in the asbestos removal expert you choose to work with. Because of this, it's critical to invest the time necessary in the recruiting process to ensure that you have complete knowledge of the professional's qualifications and expertise. These pointers will assist you in selecting the best abatement specialist and ensuring a great working relationship.

A discussion with your asbestos expert

Plan an interview time to ask the aforementioned questions to each prospective abatement professional. Talk to many businesses or professionals because it might be challenging to assess a possible professional in isolation. You will then have a basis for comparison for each.

After the asbestos removal specialist has finished

After your expert has finished the testing and any subsequent asbestos removal, assess the quality of the job. Make the final payment if you are satisfied with the professional's performance and inform them if you are willing to act as a reference for them. Remember to provide a favorable review on any directory websites where the professional may be listed.