GPSFORCE — A blockchain based Community Driven Platform

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The company is registered in London, 76 Saxon Road, London, England, SE25 5EH and the document also outlines terms and conditions for withdrawal, staking, and purchasing coins.

Company Overview:

  • Founder’s Background: The founder, Pablo Feliciano, has over 35 years of experience in management, sales, recruiting, and entrepreneurship. He has a strong background in both Spanish and English, with an educational background from California. His journey into the cryptocurrency and blockchain world began with curiosity and a desire to explore decentralized finance and digital assets.
  • GPS-FORCE: The company operates on the GPS Blockchain, a fork of Ethereum (ERC-20). It focuses on leveraging a native bridge to connect with an associated root chain, inheriting security and capabilities. This blockchain aims to provide scalability, interoperability for decentralized applications, and on-chain governance.


  • Decentralized Financial Systems: The founder envisions a future where financial systems are transparent and accessible to everyone. The GPS Blockchain aims to create a highly scalable and secure blockchain that meets specific block space requirements while maintaining the integrity of the Ethereum mainnet.
  • Community of Innovators: The company values the community of innovators, dreamers, and believers in the transformative potential of blockchain technology.

Earning Concept:

1. Staking Packages: The plan includes different staking packages (Silver, Emerald, Diamond), each with varying minimum investments and profit percentages.

2. Referral Bonuses: A multi-level referral system is in place, offering bonuses for direct and indirect referrals across several levels.

3. Level Bonuses: Bonuses are given based on the level of involvement in the referral system, with higher percentages allocated to higher levels.

4. Career Awards: These are based on achieving certain business volumes, with awards ranging from USD 200 to USD 10,000,000.

Additional Information:

  • The company offers a multi-currency wallet named GPS Vault and other platforms such as a gaming site (, an NFT platform (, and a social media platform (
  • The GPS blockchain roadmap includes various development and launch milestones like GPS blockchain and coin launch, GPSVault development, and listing in exchanges.

Contact and Legal Details:

  • The company is registered in London, 76 Saxon Road, London, England, SE25 5EH and the document also outlines terms and conditions for withdrawal, staking, and purchasing coins.

GPSforce provides an overview of the company’s innovative approach to blockchain technology and its unique earning concepts through staking, referral programs, and coin allocation mechanisms.

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