How did I find the best school in Noida Extension for my son?

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Finding the best school in Greater Noida West is definitely not an easy task. Every child’s needs are different and so is their ability to mix with a new environment. Parents looking for the best schools in Greater Noida West should consider the factors which are important during the adm

Providing quality education for children remains the top priority of all parents like me. When we choose a good school for our kids, that means that we are putting them on a long, winding oath of learning. That is why this path needs to be selected carefully and wisely. All parents can relate how long and stressful this journey is when you are finding good schools for your children that match all the factors and expectations you have from the school and meet your needs. I want to recall my time when I was looking for one of the best schools in Noida Extension that would be a perfect fit for my child and how overwhelming that process was for me.

One thing I have learnt in this process is finding the right school for your child that matches their intelligence, creativity and temperament can make all the difference to their academics and the overall success in their lives. I understand the role a good school plays in the overall development and growth of our child, and this growth is not just limited to academic performance but also personality development. I didn’t follow any magic formula to determine the best school for my son, rather I followed some factors that put me through a smooth journey leading me to find the best school.

School Reputation

Schools should have a positive reputation in society and the area in which they are situated. This is why I made the list of top schools which I thought would be good for my son and checked more about them online and the reviews are the easiest and most important things you can definitely do to examine how the school is.

Conducive Learning Environment

My first priority before finding a school for my son was to identify a space that fosters their growth and boosts their development, and this is only possible if the school has a positive learning environment with supportive teachers who help cultivate the best values in all children. Pacific World School, Greater Noida West is one such school that has the best and healthy learning environment.

Focus-driven Management

It is important to have a good leader to make the educational institution grow to heights, but it is extremely important to have an incredible leader who is qualified, trained and in a position to inspire, empower and improve student performance.

A team of well-qualified and experienced teachers

I began this process by checking the teacher’s credentials, academic achievements or the reputation, which was according to me a great way to begin as you are sending your precious children around them. There should also be an appropriate teacher-student ratio.


Learning is no longer about theoretical knowledge. I chose Pacific World School because it has co-curricular activities that fuel the holistic growth of a child with in-house programs that help them build essential skills.

This was indeed a stressful journey when you have to look out for schools and have to stick to just one which would play a positive role in your child’s life. But with the factors mentioned above, it was easy to determine which things are important and play a major role in the education of children.