5 Elegant Indian Wedding Invitation Ideas

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WishNWed offers a variety of wedding invitation video templates in a variety of styles, from the traditional look to modern design with 3D effects or themes based on animated characters.

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life because you will be with someone special forever. Wedding invitations set the tone for all wedding-related activities and celebrations. So pay attention not only to what is included in the invitation but also to the invitation itself.

Gone are the days of printed wedding invitations with fancy designs, floating designs, and packaging. Create digital wedding invitations. Save time, effort, and money and simplify the entire invitation process. Best of all, digital invitations offer unlimited ways to get creative with your wedding invitations. WishNWed offers a variety of wedding invitation video templates in a variety of styles, from the traditional look to modern design with 3D effects or themes based on animated characters.

Check out the wedding invitation styles on Wishnwed.com

Caricature Invitation video

Cartoon wedding invitation video templates are very popular among the new generation who want to make their wedding invitations fun and creative. The video, complete with characters that embody the bride-to-be and background artwork that matches the story, brings out the details of the wedding in a unique tone, adding a unique touch to the entire wedding ceremony. It can be personalized with photos, messages, and music. If you are looking for ready-to-use wedding invitations, this template is for you.

Digital save-the-date

The wedding is an unmissable opportunity to get in touch with friends and family. Therefore, if you plan to receive guests from abroad or 4-6 months before the wedding, it is good to send invitations. WishNWed has prepared many fun invitation templates that not only announce the big day but also serve as little invitations promising more details. View sample videos stored here.

3D wedding invitation video

Looking for wedding invitations that look straight out of a Disney movie, with images and products that showcase high-quality creativity in every pixel? WishNWed 3D Wedding Invitation Video is for you. Visual effects and text transitions convey the details of the wedding with smooth, realistic, and animated renderings that instantly delight your guests as they recall the date and details of the wedding.

Region-themed invitation videos

In a country as diverse as India with its various cultural nuances, wedding invitations should reflect the local character and country of origin. That's why WishNWed is dedicated to North Indian Weddings, Gujarati Weddings, Marathi Weddings, Bengali Weddings, Rajasthani Weddings, Telugu Weddings, Tamil Weddings, and more. Video invitation prepared for the wedding. This wedding video template combines local sensibility with captivating cultural design and catchy local music. You can add wedding details to your video and set the mood for the big day.

Traditional wedding eCards

Marriage in India is not a bond between two people but a union of two families. Traditional values and customs play an important role in the entire wedding process, including the design of the invitations. Traditional wedding postcards are printed leaflets derived from the old tradition of oral announcements and handwritten letters, designed in a yellow and pink color scheme and containing family and wedding information. Wish Wed's Traditional Wedding keeps the look of a traditional wedding by turning wedding invitations into digital cards that are easy to share.

At Last

WishNWed lets you create stunning wedding invitation videos, pre-wedding ceremony invitation videos, titular invitation videos, bachelorette party invitations, wedding invitations, post-wedding invitations, and other exclusive wedding invitations.