Big Estate: Revolutionizing Real Estate Lead Generation with AI

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Unveiling Big Estate: The World's First AI-driven SAAS Solution For Qualified Real Estate Lead Generation

Big Growth Digital (BGD) is a 360-degree-performance marketing firm that is based in India and the UAE. The company has laid the foundation for an exciting shift in its direction with the introduction of its new Proptech offering named Big Estate which is the first AI-powered SAAS solution to provide Qualified Real Estate Lead Generation with the innovative CEO and Founder, Tanuj Gupta.

In the core the core of The Big Estate is an innovative AI-driven technology designed to optimize the lead nurturing and marketing processes in order to increase the efficiency for real estate companies. Making use of the strength to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Big Estate is designed to tackle the greatest challenges encountered by real estate professionals, helping to facilitate closing transactions with unparalleled knowledge and accuracy.

The company has experience of serving more than 50 million customers with a 30 percent qualified rate and an astounding 100 million+ leads. Big Estate is not just providing high-quality leads and they're here to redefine the concept. One of the main reasons they stand out is their dedication to authenticity. With as high as 80 percent of leads coming through multiple trustworthy channels, including blogs and social media platforms, Big Estate ensures that their clients will never be faced with unresponsive, sloppy or disinterested leads ever again.

Additionally, leads generated from them are exclusive for each project, thereby providing customers with an edge within a competitive marketplace. They also provide absolute data security using bit-Tobit encryption to ensure that the leads generated by clients are only shared by them, and not anyone other than them. Their unwavering commitment for transparency is evident in every facet that leads are generated.

However, Big Estate is not just creating leads, it's about managing them in a seamless manner. By integrating a CRM tool that acts as a storage device to manage leads in a simple way and management, customers are at ease knowing that the leads they have aren't lost in the process of moving. All-in-one software produces 100% transparent and quality leads as well as streamlines the management of leads. Through integrating their custom CRM across every social media platform They ensure high-quality leads are produced and managed effectively, and all through one single point of contact.

Big Estate also uses its own AI algorithms as well as Smart Customer Segmentation, which analyzes information about customers, determines prospects for leads, and focuses on appropriate audiences that have a greater probability of engaging. This assists them in optimizing their client's selling processes. The data-driven insight further improves the process of nurturing leads, and blockchain technology secures information about clients to improve user satisfaction.

Thanks to its cutting-edge AI-powered approach, Big Estate is helping real estate professionals to close deals unlike ever before. Big Estate is not only an innovator in the field of real estate lead generation, but they provide a full solution to help clients expand their sales strategies increase conversion rates, and remain ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive marketplace.