How To Correct Micro Ear Deformity In Kids?

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Earshape deformity is common among kids. It may be caused by injury while playing or by birth.

This deformity may lead to hearing problems. Fortunately, this deformity, no matter what the cause, is reversible. Regarding this ear condition, plastic surgery is a way one can consider. To know how ear plastic surgery can correct the ear shape, you are advised to go through this blog carefully.

In this blog, we have added insights taken from Dr. Parag Telang. He is a microtia ear surgeon in Mumbai renowned for treating ear deformities in Newborns. Based on those insights, this blog is going to share a guide on how to correct kids' ear deformities.

An Overview of Kids Ear Deformity

The three primary parts of the ear are the outer, middle, and inner ears. The outer ear represents the external auditory canal, and the external, visible ear is also referred to as the auricle or pinna. It is more complex than you might imagine in terms of folds, curves, and structures, all of which combine to allow us to perceive sound.

Similar to all other body parts and organs, the ear develops while the baby is still inside the uterus. Sometimes, though, this growth and development do not proceed as expected. This may result in anomalies in the outer ear that are present at or before birth, referred to as congenital deformities.

Treatment for Ear Deformity in Newborns

The treatment of ear deformity starts with the diagnosis. This diagnosis includes the following evaluations-

  • Genetic Analysis

  • Physical Analysis

  • Hearing and Language Screenings

  • CT scan and MRI of the temporal bone are two imaging modalities.

  • Comprehensive assessment of the gastrointestinal, cardiac, ocular, and renal anomalies.

Based on the evaluation, a microtia ear surgeon takes some cartilage from the good other ear of the kid and uses it to correct the deformed ears. The extraction of cartilage will not affect the shape of good ears, and one can get rid of ear deformities. Ear cartilage repair is an outpatient surgery in which the candidate can go home the same day after the procedure is done. Ear correction is a minor surgery; hence, there is nothing to worry about, especially when the performer is the top-notch ear surgeon in the town. 

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