The skill tree gameplay upgrade in Path of Exile 3.21 Crucible Update

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This article details the Path of Exile 3.21 Crucible Update such as the enhancement of some weapons and the enhancement of monsters.

The skill tree in Path of Exile will be brought to a whole new level by 3.21upadte. Now players can not only build skill trees for their own class but also build skill trees for specific weapons. The specific gameplay is that you first choose a weapon and then pass Crucible encounters keep forging it.

In Crucible encounters, players must first guide their weapons through the ancient furnace, and then use the guided weapons to fight the lava monsters. During the battle, your weapons will become more and more powerful, but the lava monsters will continue to become stronger, which makes your team not easy to strengthen with the strengthening of weapons. The same more powerful lava monster battle can speed up the upgrade speed of your weapons, so don’t worry about the strengthening of lava monsters. From a certain point of view good thing for you.

But you can’t take it lightly during the battle because if they defeated you in the battle, then you have to start from the beginning. If you reach the Forge of Titans, then you have the possibility to combine skill trees to create very powerful Weapons. In order to ensure your victory in the battle, you may need more orbs or other items to buy weapons or shields. Just head over to POECurrency and buy POE Currency for 3.21 expansion if you need help.That's all I know hope it helps.