Elden Ring Player Beats Game Without Ever Attacking

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A clever Elden Ring player has the capacity to finish the sport only by walking and exploiting a mix of very weird glitches

A clever Elden Ring Items player has the capacity to finish the sport only by walking and exploiting a mix of very weird glitches.

An Elden Ring fan was able to finish the sport without attacking just one enemy. By using many glitches, this Elden Ring player could complete the sport’s main story quest just by walking and blocking using the shield.

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It’s no secret that Elden Ring is a reasonably long and difficult game. By mixing the classic Soulslike combat and putting it right into a vast open world, the developers of the sport were in a position to create an experience that can take dozens, otherwise hundreds of hours to accomplish. Back in February, Elden Ring finally passed a significant sales milestone, selling over 20 million units, which proves that individuals love hard, long games. However, some players simply would prefer to glitch their way through the whole game rather than take the proper paths.

The YouTuber Ymfah, who focuses on content regarding Soulslike games, has published a relevant video in which he’s in a position to beat Elden Ring without attacking any enemy whatsoever. In the video, it’s possible to determine how the ball player exploits a glitch to essentially zap with the whole world with teleports, passing through areas such as the Chapel of Anticipation, Raya Lucaria Academy, and also the Crumbling Farum Azula much faster than he should.

Using glitches to kill Elden Ring bosses or make the sport easier in speedrunning isn't unheard of, but Ymfah took this one stage further. To complete the sport, he used several glitches, such as the famous zip, mega zip, and also the wrong warp. With zip and mega zip, the ball player can travel great distances almost while teleporting, which will help to sequence-break the sport. By using the wrong warp, it’s possible to teleport to other locations instead of the “right” ones. Ymfah even used a now-defunct glitch that kills bosses, which was patched in 1.04, so he had to download an archived copy of the sport to complete the entire ordeal.

While weird glitches aren't strange to the Elden Ring community, they aren't always fun. Recently, an Elden Ring player was attacked by an invader who killed all of them with a glitch. During this incident, the gamer was playing in multiplayer peacefully when a suspicious player named “Glitch Tester” invaded. They waved towards the visitor several times, simply to be ignored. Then, the mysterious invader used a glitch to strike a wall but get rid of the host from afar instead, which prompted an attorney at law about how glitches can ruin the fairness of the online aspect of the sport.

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