What is the Salary of An IAS Officer?

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 Salary of an IAS

In this section of the blog, I have mentioned the topic of IAS salary in India in detail and also the salary structure/pay scale of IAS officers according to the 7th Pay Commission recommendation.

With that said let me get straight to the point. The basic monthly IAS salary in India starts from Rs. 56,100 (excluding DA, TA, and HRA).

This value can go on to reach a monthly salary of Rs, 2,50,000, which is the salary of the post of Cabinet Secretary of India.

Now let us take a look at the pay scale of IAS officers according to the 7th Pay Commission.

IAS officer Salary Structure – 7th Pay Commission

Salary Structure of an IAS Officer

IAS Salary in India:

Pay LevelNumber of years required in serviceBasic Pay (INR)Posts
State SecretariatDistrict AdministrationCentral Secretariat
101-456,100UndersecretarySub-Divisional MagistrateAssistant Secretary
115-867,700Deputy SecretaryAdditional District MagistrateUndersecretary
129-1278,800Joint SecretaryDistrict MagistrateDeputy Secretary
1313-161,18,500Special Secretary-cum-DirectorDistrict MagistrateDirector
1416-241,44,200Secretary-cum-CommissionerDivisional CommissionerJoint Secretary
1525-301,82,200Principal SecretaryDivisional CommissionerAdditional Secretary
1630-332,05,400Additional Chief SecretaryNo Equivalent RankNo Equivalent Rank
1734-362,25,000Chief SecretaryNo Equivalent RankSecretary
1837+ years2,50,000No Equivalent RankNo Equivalent RankCabinet Secretary of India

What is mentioned above in the table is the IAS salary in India excluding the various allowances that the government offers to IAS officers like House rent Allowances, Dearness Allowances, Travel Allowances, Medical, etc.

I have not mentioned the allowances here because the government does not specifically give out details about what allowances are allocated for the various pay grades.

This is also due to the reason that Allowances that IAS officers receive from the govt. differ according to the city of posting, and various other factors.

I think that’s all you need to know about the salary of IAS for now. That’s because making the salary of IAS as the main motivation for appearing for the UPSC CSE exams is not going to help you clear it.

Being an IAS officer is more than just the salary and allowances and power that it fetches.

It is more about the responsibility that rests on anyone filling in as an IAS officer.

Therefore, someone that wants to become an IAS officer for money or power alone will never be able to make it through all the 3 rounds of the UPSC CSE selection process. Definitely not through the personal interview round.

If you want to know about the UPSC CSE selection process or the exam pattern, you’ll find a blog pertaining to the same on my website itself.

Promotions of an IAS Officer