NET UGC Syllabus 2021 Check here

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If you are preparing for UGC NET Exams and you have all knowledge of the UGC NET Exam but sometimes you may miss the whole syllabus. Resultant, You will not be able to identify all the topics that you are required to study. So, I've seen the problem of this and sharing the complete n

UGC NET Paper 1 Syllabus 2021

Paper 1 of UGC NET is a general exam for all of the applicants. Paper 1 is also known as General Paper on Teaching Research Aptitude and its subject code is 00.

You can download the syllabus for 2021 from the link provided below.

UGC NET Paper 1 Syllabus (Download PDF)

So, I’m not going to waste your time by copy-pasting the UGC NET Paper 1 syllabus here again, instead I will discuss in the video below some of the important topics  how to cover them in each of the categories from the Paper 1 Syllabus. You may check the playlists mentioned in the video on my youtube channel.

If you prefer to read, I have also provided the list of important topics below:

Unit 1: UGC NET JRF Teaching Aptitude

  • Nature, Objectives, Characteristics
  • Learners Characteristics
  • Factors Affecting Teaching
  • Methods of Teaching
  • Teaching Aids
  • Different Approaches in Education

Unit 2: UGC NET JRF Research Aptitude

  • Meaning, Characteristics Types
  • Steps of Research
  • Methods of Research Research Design
  • Research Ethics
  • Article, Paper, Workshop, Seminar, Conference
  • Sampling Techniques and Types
  • Thesis and report writing

Unit 3: UGC NET JRF Reading Comprehension

A passage of text is given. Questions are asked from the passage to be answered. Passages usually pertain to the following topics –

  • General Awareness
  • Socialism
  • Social Media
  • Indian History
  • Environmental Issues

Unit 4: UGC NET JRF Communication

  •  Nature Characteristics of Communication
  • Types of Communication
  • Barriers to Effective Communication
  • Process of Communication

Unit 5 6: UGC NET JRF Mathematical Logical Reasoning

  • Number Series, Letter Series, Codes
  • Relationships and Classification
  • Understanding the Structure of Arguments, Deductive, Inductive
  • Verbal Analogies-Word Analogy, verbal Classification
  • Venn Diagram Analytical Reasoning
  • Indian Logic

Unit 7: UGC NET JRF Data Interpretation

  • Profit Loss
  • Percentages Fractions
  • Ratio Proportion

Unit 8: UGC NET JRF Information and Communication Technology

  • Meaning, Advantages, and Disadvantages
  • General Abbreviations and Terminologies
  • Basics of Internet and E-mailing

Unit 9: UGC NET JRF People and Environment

  • People Environment Interaction
  • Sources of Pollution
  • Pollutants and their Impact on Humans, Diseases, etc. 

Unit 10: UGC NET JRF Higher Education Governance

  • Structure of Higher education In India, Important Apex Bodies
  • Recent National and International Rankings, Schemes of the Government
  • Basics of Constitution and Polity, President, Governor, etc.

Now that we’ve covered all the important topics from UGC NET Paper 1 syllabus, you must be curious to know the important books to cover these topics.