Diablo 4 Battle Pass Will Take Around 80 Hours to Complete

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Diablo 4 may have a seasonal model similar to its predecessor, also it seems like you will see a lot of content for players to tackle.

In a job interview, associate game director Joe Piepiora revealed the space fans can get to complete each season's battle pass.

"Right now, the battle pass, when you are figuring in completing the growing season journey alongside doing other content hanging around, you are looking at roughly 80 hours price of time invested to accomplish the entirety from the battle pass," Piepiora said. "To level a character to level 100 could take longer than that depending on how you play."

The interview also shed some light on how the battle bass system works. Each season, you'll begin with a new seasonal character that begins at level 1. Working through season-specific objectives will move you across the battle pass while you level up your character to level 100.

Like most games with live-service elements, the battle pass may have one free track for those players, along with a premium paid track with cosmetic rewards. Piepiora said players who aren't thinking about the endgame seasonal grind can skip it altogether and return whenever a story update happens without having to be left behind.

The associate game director also emphasized that Diablo 4 isn't made to make players feel "that they have to play forever," saying the sport is an action RPG first instead of an MMO.

Welcome to hell

We got a bite-sized sample of Diablo 4's live-service elements during the sport's beta, where it became clear that Blizzard is doubling recorded on the seasonal model that helped give Diablo 3 legs. Blizzard is planning cosmetic-only microtransactions, a far more robust clan system, higher meta refreshes, quality-of-life improvements, and more importantly, additional features and questlines each season.

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