Peace Runeword in Diablo II: Resurrected

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Peace is an Armor Runeword that would be ideal for leveling. While it has +2 to Amazon skills, non-Amazons can put it on as well

Peace is an Armor Runeword that would be ideal for leveling. While it has +2 to Amazon skills, non-Amazons can put it on as well. The 20% Faster Hit Recovery is a great benefit to any class which may be within melee range, not to mention most Amazon classes are going to be interested in the skill bonuses. However, the +2 to Amazon skills aren't the only reason young leveling Amazons will like this armor; there's a way to utilize it to run having a much more powerful Valkyrie than you are going to be able to access lower levels.

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Peace Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths of the Peace Runeword:

+2 to Amazon skills is ideal for this level range

Amazons may use this to pre-buff their Valkyrie right into a higher-level one*

Weaknesses of the Peace Runeword:

3-socketed Light armor bases difficult to find

Valkyrie proc has its limitations, particularly for non-Amazons

Getting the Most from the Valkyrie Proc

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The 2% opportunity to cast a Valkyrie on striking is an interesting proc, and it is particularly ideal for non-Amazons who cannot summon a Valkyrie whatsoever. However, the Valkyrie it summons has limitations, plus some ways this can be as an Amazon which gets you an amazing Valkyrie to accompany for your adventures:

The level 15 summoned Valkyrie will replace any Valkyrie you might have summoned through "hard" points.*

*This may be used as a rebuff if you are an Amazon with a minimum of one hard point invested into Valkyrie at level 30. If you have a minimum of one hard point into Valkyrie, do this stuff.

Equip Peace, and also have a second group of armor inside your inventory.

Many suggest not casting your native Valkyrie, but waiting until your strikes summons one using Peace. I found this strict in combat; I found it simpler to summon my native Valkyrie and run together with her until the replacement happens (which could take quite a while). This Valkyrie can make a classic Amazon "death scream" when she's replaced through the level 15 Peace Valkyrie. Listening for your cue worked better for me than watching for that summon, because the next step must happen quickly.

Another tip: While in town, stand alongside whatever NPC will restore your mana whenever you click and resummon your Valkyrie before you get one that comes with an unusual armor color, for example, red or blue as opposed to the typical gold-armor Valkyrie. The chances you will get this substituted for another red or blue Valk are vanishingly small, therefore it can be an additional visual cue that you simply did indeed replace your Valkyrie using level 15.

Immediately remove and replace your Peace armor together with your second group of armor before the Valkyrie despawns. You need to get this done VERY quickly because the level 15 Valkyrie can despawn in between a few seconds to some minutes. You have to change before she despawns.

If you switched quickly enough, the amount of 15 Valkyrie will remain with you until she dies. When that occurs, do this again to get another level 15 Valkyrie.

If you're lucky, you will also get a visual cue. Valkyrie armors change colors based on their bonuses, therefore if your "normal" Valkyrie has blue armor, you hear a death scream and suddenly your Valkyrie has gold armor, you're ready to change your clothes quickly.

The difference between an amount of 1 Valkyrie and an amount of 15 Valkyrie is big. A level 1 Valkyrie has 528 hit points, a 40% bonus attack, with no bonus damage or defense. A level 15 Valkyrie has 1760 hit points, 560% bonus attack, 350% bonus damage, and 140% bonus defense. My level 15 Valkyrie helped** kill Bael on Normal and not lost hit points once.