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Allegiant Airline is an American ultra-low-cost carrier that operates scheduled and charter flights to over 120 destinations in the United States. The airline is headquartered in Summerlin, Nevada, and is a subsidiary of Allegiant Travel Company.  It has been in operation since 1997 and has grown to become one of the largest airlines in the United States, in terms of passenger numbers. The airline has also been recognized for its low-cost fares and customer satisfaction. There are several hubs throughout the country, which serve 120 destinations. Most of them fly to tourist destinations. Some of the most famous destinations are Orlando, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Myrtle Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Las Vegas.

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Allegiant Airline’s Classes and Fare Options

Allegiant Airlines operates a single-class cabin on all the flights it operates, i.e. economy class. The airline doesn't offer business or first-class services. It does however offer an array of fare options for its customers.

    The standard fare known as "Unrestricted Fare, "Unrestricted Fare" provides passengers with the ability to alter and cancel reservations for a cost, in addition to being able to board promptly.
    "Travel Flex" also known as the "Travel Flex" ticket option, allows guests to change or cancel their reservations without cost and provides priority to the board.
    The "Perks" ticket option "Perks" ticket includes bags to carry on seats, seat selection, and priority take-off.
    "Business Select," the "Business Select" price option comes with bags for carry-on seating, and prioritizing borders, as well as it, is possible to receive a reimbursement.

In addition, the airline provides additional services like seat assignments, checked luggage, and travel insurance. Allegiant Air's prices are designed to let passengers pay for the services they need.

Allegiant Airline In-flight services

A range of beverages and snacks during flights are offered to make sure that passengers are comfortable on Allegiant Air. They are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and fresh. Beverages like beer and wine Snacks can be bought onboard. To entertain passengers on the plane, airlines offer magazines and beverages. Passengers are also able to use smartphones, such as iPhones, iPods iPad Laptops, Tablets as well as other.

Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy

Carrier Baggage:- According to the luggage policy for Allegiant Airlines, The Maximum size of carry-on Baggage can be tied up to 17cm by 38cm 40cm (7x15x16 inches).
Passengers are permitted to buy one carry-on bag that has the maximum dimensions of 22cm x 35cm x55cm (9x14x22 inches)

The Checked Baggage:- The baggage policy that Allegiant Airlines does not allow carrying checked baggage however it can be purchased.
Passengers can transport up to 4 bags that have a maximum weight of 18 kilograms and a length of 203cm in total.

Allegiant Airlines Check-in Services

Allegiant Air offers several check-in options for passengers such as check-in online and check-in at the airport. 
Online Check-in:- Check-in on the internet is available 24 hours before the departure time of the flight. Passengers can check in select their seats, as well as print their tickets for boarding, or transfer them to their mobile devices. Check-in online is open 45 minutes before the departure time for domestic flights and 60 minutes earlier for international flights.

Check-in at the airport:- Check-in for airports is completed by visiting the Allegiant Air ticket counter, which opens 2 hours before the departure time of domestic flights, and three hours earlier for international travel. The counter for check-in is closed 45 minutes before the departure time scheduled for domestic flights and 60 minutes earlier for international flights.

Allegiant Cancellation Policy

Allegiant Air cancellation policy for flights may differ depending on the type of airfare purchased. Allegiant Air's general policies operate as follows:

Allegiant Airline Non-Refundable Tickets:- If a passenger must cancel their trip and is not able to receive an amount of money back then they are not eligible to receive any reimbursement. However, they may use the price of their trip for a future trip within a calendar year following the date of the booking. There are some restrictions, and the cost of changing tickets is not charged.
Allegiant Airline Refundable Tickets:- If passengers decide to cancel their travel plans and then request a refund, they are eligible to receive a full refund. But, a change fee might be charged.
Canceled or Delayed allegiant flight:- In the event of a delayed flight or canceled flight becoming delayed or canceled, Allegiant Air will work to offer passengers alternative travel arrangements. Customers who do not take the rebooked flight can claim a refund.