Otoplasty Surgery: Best Approach to Correcting Prominent Ears

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Prominent ear, also known as protruding ear, is an abnormality in which the ears protrude more from the side of the head than is typical.

Prominent ears can result from factors such as genetics, excessive cartilage growth, or underdeveloped folds and grooves that typically keep the ear closer to the head. Prominent ear correction can only be done through surgery. Otoplasty, also referred to as ear pinning, is a common surgical procedure in which the cartilage of the ears is reshaped to bring them closer to the head. Let’s learn about the otoplasty procedure in detail.

Factors That Cause Prominent Ears

Prominent ears are caused by a loss of the antihelical fold, an excess of cartilage in the ear's conchal bowl, or a combination of the two. This problem is most likely caused by the inheritance of an autosomal dominant trait. The condition can be bilateral (in both ears) or unilateral (in one ear).

How Can Otoplasty Help?

The otoplasty surgery corrects auricular cartilage defects or malformations that cause the ear's detached aspect. It reduces the projection of an overly prominent ear from the temporal scalp. Otoplasty surgery can be performed on children, adults, and adolescents. The surgery corrects the shape, proportion, and position of the ear, which are caused by ear birth defects. This surgery can also correct misshaped ears due to injury. The surgery restores balance in the proportions of the face and ears.

Aftercare Tips For Otoplasty Surgery

After having otoplasty, patients with rib cartilage might have to wear a headband or dressing for a week and should steer clear of certain activities for an extended period to aid in healing and reduce the chances of complications.

Children with prominent ears often feel self-consciousness or discomfort in public. However, in the majority of cases, prominent ears do not present health risks or functional issues. Looking for an otoplasty surgeon in Mumbai? Consult with Dr. Parag Telang at The Microtia Trust.

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