Double block and bleed valve Manufacturers

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Valvesonly Europe is one of the greatest Double block and bleed valve manufacturers in Germany.

Double block and bleed valve Manufacturers

Valvesonly Europe is one of the greatest Double block and bleed valve manufacturers in Germany. It is a sophisticated control mechanism designed to provide maximum safety and efficiency in fluid control systems. It consists of two seating surfaces, or "blocks," that seal against the flow, and a third mechanism, the "bleed," which enables the release of pressure trapped between the seals. This configuration allows for isolation of fluid within the valve for maintenance or repair purposes, eliminating the need for additional equipment or shutdowns.

What is the Double Block and Bleed Ball Valve Feature?

The hallmark feature of a Double block and bleed ball valve is its ability to provide two independent seals, or blocks, against the fluid flow, along with a bleed mechanism to relieve pressure between the seals. This setup ensures redundancy and minimizes the risk of leaks or contamination. The double block feature ensures that both upstream and downstream flow are isolated, while the bleed mechanism enables venting of the cavity between the seals, providing a safe working environment for maintenance activities.

How do Double Block & Bleed Ball Valve Work?

Double Block & Bleed ball valves operate on a simple yet effective principle. When in the closed position, the ball within the valve rotates to block the flow, creating a seal against both upstream and downstream pressures. This dual-seal design ensures complete isolation of the fluid within the valve. Additionally, the bleed port, typically located between the two seals, allows any trapped pressure in the cavity to be safely vented, preventing potential hazards during maintenance or shutdown procedures.

Upon activation of the bleed mechanism, a small passage is opened, enabling the pressure to equalize between the upstream and downstream sides of the valve. This ensures a safe working environment for technicians performing maintenance tasks such as valve inspection, repair, or replacement. Once maintenance is complete, the bleed valve is closed, and the ball valve can be safely reopened, restoring normal flow operations.

Applications of Double Block & Bleed Ball Valve:

The versatility and reliability of DBB ball valves make them indispensable across a wide range of industries and applications. Some common applications include:

l  Oil and Gas Industry

l  Chemical Processing

l  Power Generation

l  Water Treatment

Double block and bleed valve manufacturers in Germany represent a pinnacle of engineering excellence, combining precision control with enhanced safety features.


Materials: Cast iron, Cast steel (WCB, WCC, WC6, WC9, LCB, LCC), Ductile iron, SS304, SS316

Class: PN10 to PN 450; 150 to 2500

Ends: Buttweld, Flanged, Socket weld, Threaded

Size: 1/2’’to 24’’

Operations:  Electric Actuated, Pneumatic Actuated, Gear Operated, Handwheel Operated