Diablo 2 Items Guide: Gem Varieties

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Functionless by themselves, Diablo 2 gems possess great power when utilized having a weapon, shield, or helm, bestowing potent magical enchantments upon the product and its wearer

Functionless by themselves, Diablo 2 gems possess great power when utilized having a weapon, shield, or helm, bestowing potent magical enchantments upon the product and its wearer. Socketed armor was added using the release from the Expansion, but every item has identical stats either in armor or helms. Gems, once socketed, add special bonuses toward the items.

There are seven various kinds of gems:








All have different effects depending on the product in which they're “socketed”. There are five amounts of quality for Diablo 2 gems, from worst to best they're:



Normal (simply called through the gem enter in the game, i.e. “ruby”)



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Diablo 2 Gems cannot be bought, only found from monster drops, and chests, so that is a reward for many quests. Better quality gems are located as you progress hanging around. The gem quality dropped is dependent on Mlvl. Perfect gems will never be dropped, though you can be found as an incentive for the Hellforge Quest.


Only weapons, helms, shields, and body armor might have sockets, with body armor being the brand new addition to the list using the release from the Expansion. No boots, gloves, belts, or jewelry is ever going to be socketed, which includes Uniques.

Items can differ in their quantity of sockets, based on type and quality. Helms might have from 1-3, Body armor 1-4, weapons 1-6, and shields 1-4. Full details are elsewhere within the Items section.

Once a gem is inserted right into a socket, it's there forever in Diablo 2 Classic, and can’t be removed or upgraded in quality. In the Diablo 2 expansion, gems can be taken off from sockets by destroying them having a Horadric cube recipe. This does not damage the product but destroys whatever was socketed inside it.


Three gems of identical type and quality combine within the Horadric Cube to upgrade one quality level.

Gem shrines are located only rarely, but they're worth getting yourself ready for and using, as they’ll upgrade one gem out of your inventory to one level. It’s better to carry around a flawless gem of whatever type you would like upgraded and make certain it’s the only real gem inside your inventory whenever you click the shrine. If you don’t have gems or have only perfect gems, one random chipped gem is going to be dropped.


Gem effects vary, but they are logical: Gems place into weapons generally add damage, while gems in shields provide resistance, and gems in helms/armor increase hit points or any other attributes. Exactly how much benefit a socketed gem provides depends upon the quality of the gem.


You can easily see how gems try looking at an item within this shot. The sockets display on the left side of the image for those socketed items, and if they're filled the gem is seen there, instead of an empty hole. Socketed items hanging around appear brightly colored, as well as their appearance is dependent on the first gem socketed. An item by having an Amethyst first, then two Emeralds is going to be purple, not green.

The bonuses from gems of the identical type stack, if you had two rubies inside a sword, the fireplace damage could be added together. It is arithmetic, never geometric, if you had say three sapphires, chilling for 3 seconds, you wouldn’t progress to freezing the monster, you’d just chill it for extended. The same goes for other gems. For example, rubies add fire harm to your attack. Three perfect rubies would perform a lot of fire damage, however, they wouldn’t produce a small firewall underneath the monster.

Diablo 2 Gems in Shields do nothing for that Paladin’s Smite attack.

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