How To Delete Your Honkai Star Rail Account

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If done properly, the many information bound to your HoYoverse account is going to be deleted

Honkai: Star Rail Accounts is surely an incredibly fun game that individuals have already sunk a great deal of time into. Whether you prefer exploring the Simulated Universe or completing the leading Trailblaze Missions, there's endless excitement available aboard the Astral Express. However, for people not as excited about the action, there is certainly always the choice to delete your Honkai Star Rail account.

Honkai: Star Rail Accounts

There are lots of reasons why someone should delete their best honkai star rail account. The game is completely massive, for example, taking over 10GB of storage (which, determined by your mobile device, might be too much).

In a real case, you can just uninstall the experience. However, for some who don't need to be tempted to spend (more) money on the overall game when a shiny new character is released and reinstall it, deleting your money is an approach to ensure you won't keep coming back.

So, in case you are wondering the way to delete your bank account in Honkai Star Rail, you've go to the right place. This article will cover all that you should know about how you can delete your Honkai Star Rail account!

How To Delete Your Honkai Star Rail Account

If done properly, the many information bound to your HoYoverse account is going to be deleted. Bear in mind that this can delete ALL saved data stuck just by using your HoYoverse account across all HoYoverse games. This means in case you are using a similar HoYoverse account to try out Genshin Impact or Honkai Impact 3rd, your save data is going to be gone for all those games too.

For this reason, we recommend just uninstalling Honkai Star Rail should you have time or money investment in either the other two games. Otherwise, you could potentially run the risk of losing your progress.

Once your money has been deleted, there's no method to recover any of the progress made, even by contacting HoYoverse customer care. Deleting your is a very serious move to make, and you ought to think twice before rage-quitting after losing a 50/50 gacha pull.