RBI Grade B Previous Year Question Papers. Check Here!

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Check RBI Grade B Previous Year Question Papers Now with answers (Download PDFs). Download RBI Grade B Past Year Papers & RBI Grade B Result.

So, let’s start with the RBI Grade B Previous Years’ Question Papers. I have compiled them with the help of thousands of my own students writing the exam. 

Basically, I get emails, calls, messages with questions. So all the questions below are memory-based questions but I can confirm that they are real.  

Having said that, I have not only provided you the questions but also the solutions to each and every question.

I’d also like to inform you that you will find a lot of websites on the web providing you RBI Grade B previous years’ question papers.

However, it’s very difficult to know if they are providing the real papers as sometimes they just put mock questions instead of the real papers.

Speaking of previous years’ papers, you might also want to look at my book which is available on Amazon. It has 1500+ questions of RBI, SEBI NABARD past year papers as well. It will certainly help you practice a lot. 

Furthermore, you can also practice questions through our Free Mock Tests for Phase 1 Phase 2 Exams here. These tests have been designed keeping the latest exam pattern in mind so that they serve as an apt simulation of the actual exam.

Now, let’s jump into the RBI Grade B question papers.

I have posted  5 Phase 1 question papers (and 1 GK Analysis of 2020-21 exam) and 7 Phase 2 question papers of RBI Grade B along with English Descriptive Essay Topics.

Oh! Before you go over to the questions, remember that you do not need to start practicing the current affairs questions from these RBI Grade B question papers. It’s useless because you should only practice recent current affairs for the examination.

RBI Grade B 2010 Phase 2 Question Papers (ESI, FM and English Descriptive)

RBI Grade B 2011 Phase 2 Question Papers (ESI, FM and English Descriptive)

RBI Grade B 2012 Phase 2 Question Papers (ESI, FM and English Descriptive)

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