Diablo 4: A Plethora of Dungeons, A Dearth of Bosses

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Diablo 4 boasts over 120 dungeons but only about 12 unique bosses.

As a popular RPG game, Diablo 4 has always been a hot topic among players. One aspect that has sparked debate is the game's dungeon and boss system. Many players have expressed their concerns and suggestions on various platforms, including Reddit. This article delves into these discussions, providing insights into what players think about the dungeon and boss system and how it could be improved.

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Dungeons Galore, Bosses Few

One of the main concerns players raise is the disparity between the number of dungeons and bosses in Diablo 4. The game boasts over 120 dungeons but only about 12 unique bosses. This imbalance has led to calls for more unique bosses to match the extensive array of dungeons.

The Tomb Lord: The End Game Boss?

The discussion also touched on the bosses that are currently in the game. Some players suggested that the Tomb Lord is the real end-game boss of Diablo 4. This sentiment was echoed by other users, who also mentioned the Blood Bishop as another recurring boss.

Wasted Content and the Need for Variety

Another point of contention among players is using bosses from the campaign. Teejaymac and Heinel8 expressed their disappointment that many bosses from the campaign are not used in the dungeons. They believe this is a waste of content and that including these bosses in the dungeons would add more variety and make the game more interesting.

Generic Designs and Encounters

They compared the bosses in Diablo 4 to those in Diablo 3, which they felt were unique, interesting, and memorable. They argued that Diablo 4 feels like a game where every boss is generic and forgettable.

Although the number of bosses in Diablo 4 cannot be compared with the dungeons, we can still get many items Diablo 4 when we defeat these bosses, which can help us build a more powerful character. To deal with the changes in Diablo 4, we had to have some strong characters to maintain an edge in this game.