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Kelly Blatz plays ambitious gay director Loren, and opposite him is film bombshell Jacqueline Bisset (who I knew as villainous James in season 4 of FX’s Nip/Tuck), Rose, a reclusive and “notoriously difficult” actress who speaks fondly of her storied career. They first meet at the same restaurant Rose has been frequenting for fifteen years now to discuss a comeback role on the wings of Loren’s various short-film accolades. An instant connection is formed, a bond that bleeds through every second the duo share onscreen together. There is almost a mother/son vibe, only far more crude.


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★★★★ Russell Brown’s Loren & Rose is a film that shocked and surprised me in terms of its authentic feel and effectiveness bred from such a simple concept. A director and a legendary actress have a full meal together over the course of six years—